Monday, November 18, 2013

Art Canvas

I finished this canvas a couple of weeks ago - it was a few days in the making, and expresses a piece of my heart... with some upcoming changes in my design focus, I really wanted something physical to look at to remind me what I want my art to be - genuine, an expression of heart, and a gift back.

Here's a picture of the canvas after the initial pencil sketch and first layer of paint - I dropped acrylic paint on the canvas and used an old library card to move the colors around. Seems a lot of my favorite techniques lately involve a library card! The canvas is 8"x12".

Here's a close-up of the quote I used... and HERE is a link to the context of the quote and Ann Voskamp's beautiful words.

These poppies are my favorites, and I do have a few to choose from! These are from Sheena Douglass's Paint Fusion line at Crafter's Companion.

The face close up... it has some 'me'-ish features... I was thankful just for the courage to paint her with acrylics!

The weeks are just flying lately!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Dina, this is truly beautiful. You're amazing with color and the lady in acrylics turned out wonderfully. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow!! This is stunningly beautiful!!

  3. How heartwarming. Precious. Gracious.

  4. Stunning!!!! The quote is beautiful, I read it several times the day you posted just the sentiment. The entire art piece together is amazing!

  5. Your work gets better and better. You are truly gifted with beautiful talent. Love this canvas.

  6. Dina, I can't wait to see what may be coming in the future from you. This is a beautiful piece of art. I love, love, love the face.

  7. WOW ,Stunning canvas.
    i loved to much,very,very beautiful.