Wednesday, March 24, 2010

answering questions

Thought I'd answer a few questions that have come up over the last couple we go!

I love how you add the score lines around the edges of your DP. Do you add them after you cut the paper to size or do you add the score lines and then cut the paper??

I score the edges of my panels using my Score-Pal, cutting the panel to size first, and then scoring just inside the edge. Sometimes I score from the back, and sometimes right on the front - depends on when it hits me to do the scoring... if I have too much dimension involved to flip the panel over, I just score the panel right side up.

Great coloring! Do you think you would line up the colored pencils you use and share the colors you like to add shadows with?

It's a thought! But usually I tuck my pencils right back into their slots as soon as I'm done using them. Otherwise I might not get them back in the right order, and as OCRD as I am (thanks Sue for that acronym...Obsessive Compulsive Rainbow Disorder! ha!)... well... If it would be helpful, though, maybe I'll try to take note of which colors I use, and include a little chart. When I have some more time I'll try to figure out a way to make that easy to do.

I've never used Gamsol or OMS to blend colored you have to be careful, any safefty concerns with the product?

I've noticed that my OMS is increasingly odorous as time goes by. I use just a generic (Walmart paint section) OMS, not artist grade, but here is a link to the MSDS for Gamsol, which is an artist grade solvent. Always best to use it in a ventilated area - I keep mine in a glass jar and close it when I'm not using it.

I would love to see your family blog and facebook. Would you share the addys for your sites?

Our family blog is at and you can find me on facebook at !

You should be selling your work!!

I do! The bummer is having to charge international postage... but occasionally I'm able to send packets Stateside with a friend. You can see the cards I have for sale here! <-------------

Thanks for the questions - I am happy to answer them, so ask away!


Thanks so much for stopping by!

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