Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday Tulips & Pencil Resource

We have a lot of family birthdays in March - my sister-in-law, mother, brother, husband, and one son... in honor of them all and because I miss Spring flowers and I hear they are trying to pop up now, here's another birthday card this week. I paired a sentiment from a Penny Black clear set with Tulip Vase from Serendipity Stamps. The image is colored with Prismacolor pencils.

Speaking of my pencils... I spent some time over the last couple of days making a chart of my colored pencils, then scanning the chart and trying to 'pick' the colors to create a digital chart. Didn't work as perfectly as I would have liked, but it's sort of cool, anyway, and it helped me get my pencils in an order I'm happy with. For those that care about this kind of stuff, I keep my pencils in these Global Classic leather cases from Dick Blick - somehow my pencils fill 2 of these 120-pencil cases (*blush*).

Anyway, in case anyone is interested in the chart I made, I have it posted on my website - the pencils are not in "Prismacolor" order, and I have some other brands of pencils thrown in the mix, but they are in an order that makes sense to me and makes me happy when I look at it... me who has been putting my crayons and everything else in rainbow order since Kindergarten. There is a pdf version for those who just want to see the pretty colors (hehe), and a Word .doc version for those who might want to adjust the chart to their own collection.

If you have questions feel free to ask!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I've never been able to arrange colors in a rainbow pattern...but looking at the pdf files..its so pretty to look at!

  2. Wow!! Your file is great to look at... Questions? Well, how do you color so well!!!??! :-) I love your coloring!

  3. you have way more ambition than I do girly :) I have *OCRD* too- thanks for simplifying my life <3

  4. B-eau-ti-ful card! Your colored pencil chart is really cool, too. I've never used Gamsol or OMS to blend colored pencils...do you have to be careful, any safefty concerns with the product? Your coloring is so pretty :)

  5. From the time I first discovered you and your blog, what you do with colored pencils has always amazed me. Your creations are truly a work of art -- so beautiful! I just had to comment, as this one is particularly awesome.

    Karen, WY

  6. Thanks for the chart!