Thursday, October 22, 2009

Create-a-cupcake, with apologies to my mother....

"A good friend is like a good bra...hard to find, comfortable, always lifts you up, never lets you down or leaves you hanging, and is always close to your heart."

This card idea popped into my head soon after I got Impression Obsession's Create-a-Cupcake set, but I tried very hard to put it out of mind, since my Mom reads my blog...! But in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, sorry is Create-a-Cupcake with a message of hope to those who have been affected by breast cancer.

This year a dear friend's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, and because of a recent stroke she is unable to undergo an operation to remove the cancer. They were encouraged to try an alternative route for treatment, and it was unsuccessful. So sad... Her husband is my husband's language helper, and we have seen him struggle through this as he cares for his wife. Very hard situation. We're glad we can be an encouragement to them, at least in small ways. Reminds me - I need to send her a card or bake her something this week.

I stamped my...ahem... 'cupcake tops' with Colorbox chalk ink, and added some glitter pen around the edge, blending with a Dove blender pen. The ABC stickers were a gift from a friend (Hi Kara - thank you!) The ribbon is tacked with a small stitch to keep it crossed in the center.

Hard to believe...only one more week of cupcakeness to go! I have more ideas than 1 more Thursday can hold...but...I'll be ok. This has been lots of fun! Hope I've inspired you to think outside the box a little.
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  1. What a fabulous idea Dina! And very tastefully done (lol...didn't mean the pun there...cupcakes, tastefully!). Seriously though, it is a great card for a great cause. I think everyone has been touched in some way or another by this disease. My teenage son has a friend whose mother is battling breast cancer. Thank you for sharing this beautiful card.


  2. How cute is this?! And as always, it's the little details that just really make it pop - the flower, the little dots, straps... A great card with a wonderful message.

  3. What a great way to use your cupcakes!

  4. Adorable!!!! I love this idea and the quote about friends and bras!!! Great Idea, like always. ~Shelby~

  5. I know, I know, your mom's reading the blog, but honestly? THIS is the best use yet! Too cute for it's own good. And seriously, it could have been much worse! You rocked it!

  6. This is so cute, Dina. The apologies to your mom made me smile.
    Even if she doesn't care for the card, she has to admire your great imagination. lol