Saturday, October 24, 2009

This is a card that resulted from........... cleaning my desk.

I do this way too often - start cleaning and making a stack of scraps to sort away...then a color combo in the stack catches my eye, and I end up making a new mess as inspiration hits. The bird had been stamped weeks ago but only partially painted - the sentiment was leftover from a card that didn't work out the way I wanted it too and the scraps were waiting to be stored away.

I used 2 stamps from Heartfelt Creations - the bird is a piece of my beloved Rejoicing Bluebirds stamp - remember how I cut it into pieces? Bad habit I have, but this birdie is soooooooo cute alone... (click on the link above to see the full image - and woo hoo - I had lost the sentiment piece of that stamp (on my desk) and finally found it yesterday! Sad when I lose things right in front of me...).

The sentiment I used here is from a full sheet of images called Mini Message Cursive Set, which has a little something for every occasion. The main image is watercolored using Derwent watercolor pencils. Remember you can see more of my Heartfelt Creations cards here <-----!

What a long day allergies were in full swing, and on top of that there was a transformer that blew at the power company, and our power was out ALL DAY - usually if I'm having an allergy day, sitting in our air-conditioned office will help things a bit, but there was just no relief with no fans and no AC. Couldn't wash dishes either, because we have an electric water a day's worth of unrinsed dishes will be waiting for me in the morning. Thankfully - I don't think we lost any of our fridge and freezer contents - I had just told DH that if it stayed off all night we might be eating a lot of meat Sunday...a few seconds later the power came on. Whew!

Allergies.....does anyone else out there have trouble taking allergy meds and do a saline rinse instead?

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Your desk aounds Exactly like mine! The difference is that I never seem to use stuff when I find it. Love the card!

  2. I use a saline rinse in addition to my allergy meds. I highly recommend it. LMK if yo have any questions.

  3. Did I get a tad sidetracked or what? Beautiful card, Dina. :) I especially like your bird cards.

  4. Beautiful card! Glad that someone else gets distracted when cleaning. I can't take allergy meds. I use just a saliane solution. I found one that is more of an areosol can type so the saline gets farther up my nose. I do this about 3 times daily when my allergies are bad. I also use a mostrizing eye drops and that helps too. (sorry no spell checker :) )
    I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Love the card! The darker scalloped piece at the bottom adds to the design a lot. Hmmmmmm. I think I'll clean off my desk......

  6. I love the card - you are such a talented artist. Your desk sounds like mine, only mine hasn't gotten cleaned off yet. :) Praying you'll soon have relief from your allergies.