Monday, May 04, 2020

Impression Obsession - Old is New

With such a huge collection of wonderful stamps from so many artists, sometimes the older stamps in the Impression Obsession catalog find their way out of the spotlight. We don't want them to be forgotten, so we like to feature them regularly. We hope you're inspired!

Gary Robertson's work has lo-o-o-o-o-o-ng been a staple of the Impression Obsession line - his images are detailed, sentimental and historical, and just a delight to color. You might not know that nearly all of his artwork is available in digital format now! This opens up so many possibilities for resizing, paper tole, layering and more - not to mention the nice clear image with every detail visible! You can find the entire collection here!

Looking through the digital images, I ran across this one, which I never remember seeing before - it's a little bit out-of-the-box for Gary since most of his images are nautical scenes, farms, or churches - this one is just so sentimental and downtown sweet! One of my favorite hangouts in high school was a small downtown candy shop and creamery that was established in 1909 - it has the same high stools and checkered floor, even today!

I thought all this detailed line art would be great for trying out my new set of Karin markers - and I was right! I printed the image onto watercolor paper, and used a variety of marker techniques, including palette blending and some direct coloring and blending with a wet brush. I love how Gary's artwork is full of cross-hatched shading - coloring is so much easier when the artwork tells you where to shade! Oh, by the way - the markers are super juicy but the points also allow for very detailed coloring. Great markers! I'll plan on doing a post to show them off a little more. I have a color chart and discount code to share as well!

The Ice Cream Parlor can be found here as a digital image and here in cling or wood-mounted rubber

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  1. WHAT BEAUTIFUL WORK, Dina! I LOVE Gary's work! I was drawn to his images the minute I saw them, back when. I have several & ALWAYS want more! LOL A SUPER JOB, & I look forward to your review on the markers! ;)<3

  2. This image is just fabulous, and your rendition of it is so very lovely. Please tell me what printer you have that will print on watercolor paper. I have an Epson and it's balky as an old mule. I don't buy digital images because I can't print them out satisfactorily, and I'd really like to be able to.

  3. I have always loved Gary Robertson's images and have a number in rubber but have not been able to do justice to them. I was very pleased to see that many are now available as digital images. However I have never used digital stamps - would you consider doing a post on hints on how to use these, explain the different formats and their use, etc? Thank you!

  4. Gosh, I feel like I am 'there'! What a great job coloring this beautiful image! I actually did some digital shopping last week, and was surprised to find so many beautiful images. Thanks for sharing, and ALWAYS being an inspiration, Dina!