Saturday, May 13, 2017

New print - Iris

 I took a little time to paint this week, and finished up this 5" x 7" wood piece - these are irises in my garden that are such a unique color... it's hard not to paint with all this beautiful inspiration around me!

I keep a stack of small canvases and wood pieces on my desk to brush or brayer off extra paint when I'm working on projects, so this one had several background layers on it to start. I love the stenciled area.

If you follow me on Instagram you saw the progression of this painting throughout the day on Thursday - I love looking back and seeing how the layers of color build up to the final project.

More progress here... I like switching back and forth between acrylic paintings and watercolor paintings  - the techniques are so different and I like keeping my skills sharp in both. I just have been using acrylic craft paints, but I bought some Blick Studio paints to try that just arrived yesterday - time to graduate, I think. :)

Here's the finished piece - in the final stages I decided to add some pink tones in, and I love how that warmed up the piece.

This original is in my store, and prints are available as well... this was a fun practice run for me, since I'm working on another acrylic piece that will feature irises with the hymn "In the Garden." 
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  1. I was following along on IG, so it is nice to see the finished piece. It turned out beautifully. You have such talent!