Thursday, March 10, 2016

Under His Wings

I'm at my parents' this week for a follow-up appointment with the Lyme doctor, and I timed my visit with my Mom's redacted birthday - this is the piece I painted for her. I thought it would be special for her to have a Dina original, and I loved the reference photo I found - every time I see a swallowtail, it reminds me that my Mom is praying for me. They're so beautiful, and even more so for that thought. :)
This print is also available for pre-order, and I will be placing a print order this weekend, so if you'd like one reserved, please order below. Prints are $12 + s/h, and will be printed on beautiful textured paper. My other artwork is HERE if you'd like to take a peek! Remember the new Sparrow print and the lamb prints for Easter as well!

Under His Wings (pre-order)
5"x7" - $12.00 
Here are a couple of pictures I took as I worked - I'm working on Canva-Paper, which takes acrylic paint really well and can also be run through the printer. 

It's a fun challenge to work from background to foreground, and to see layers of paint come to life - there are always stages of painting that look terrible, but it takes just a few more strokes, a few pushes back and forth, and it seems to come together into something beautiful eventually. Sort of a life metaphor, maybe. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. This is gorgeous Dina, I'm in awe at how you created this amazing painting with brush strokes and patience.
    Simply gorgeous!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Dina, this is gorgeous! Thank you for making these available. I just ordered some. What a beautiful birthday gift for your mom. Praying for your visit and for your God to restore your health. Hugs! xoxo

  3. Dina ... this is truly a work of love combined with beauty. I know your Mom will treasure this forever. Thanks for your continued inspiration! Best wishes for good news with this specialist too.

  4. Beautiful! I am following your lead and dropping a butterfly this weekend in Carthage, Mississippi. We will see how it goes.

    1. Oh, I'm excited for you! I love that movement. I'll keep an eye on the page for your clues and find!

  5. BEAUTIFUL Dina....your Mother will treasure it! Thank you for sharing it with your fans and friends! What a wonderful reminder that we can pray for each other!
    Paper Hugs,