Saturday, April 05, 2014

For Sale

I've updated my For Sale page with some art supplies (including some used watercolor and Inktense pencils, and a brand new set of PanPastels) and a variety of dies... take a look if you're interested! Just trying to consolidate and weed out some duplicates from my stash.

I spent a good chunk of today moving my crafty stuff into the walk-in closet where we're staying - so fun! I brought quite of bit with me, and also had some belated Christmas/birthday presents waiting for me, in addition to some supplies that Beate passed on when she retired. I'm excited about getting creative again after being packed up for a few weeks, and also opening up my etsy store again sometime soon! I'll keep you posted.

We had a smooth trip to the States, and we're adjusting bit by bit. I was just looking through the pictures I took when the entire campus showed up on our porch to say goodbye - there was so much love and laughing and joking to cover up the sads. It just didn't seem real.... until the car started rolling. With such a swift transition, I know that culture shock will hit us hard at some point on this end too.  We're so grateful for our church family here - they have shown their love for us in soooooo many tangible ways!

Have a great weekend! xo
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  1. So happy you are getting settled! I'm anxious about moving 7 hours this I applaud you for keepin' it together!Good luck getting settled and back to making pretty stuff!