Monday, February 11, 2013

We change.

Just wanted to share the new panel I made for my Daily Window Bag! Looking forward to doing some freelance work for them soon too. :) My bag has been getting lots of use the last few weeks - love the big deep compartments especially when I have to take extra visual aids for health class, notes, handouts, laptop, etc.

I had a cardstock panel that has been protecting my workspace, so it's covered with inks, stamped edges, paint, and marker lines, and that became the base for my project. The Fuchsia stamps are by Sheena Douglass - part of her Paint Fusion line which is available through Crafter's Companion. I love love love these stamps!

They are designed to be used with acrylic paints and her special painting strokes, but they're great for watercoloring, too, especially with a borderless coloring technique. (Actually, if you click on that link, the poppies in the sample are from the Paint Fusion line too!) The sets come with laminated practice sheets so you can practice the strokes, wipe the paint off, and try again. So practical! There are bunches of floral sets and bundles to choose from. I happened on a sale when I got these, so I bought up a bunch of different ones to play with.

Almost forgot! I  had a lightbulb moment the other day - I designed a couple stamps last Fall that catch the chalkboard 'look' that is so popular right now. This is the one I used, embossed on glossy black cardstock:

We Change
Love that quote!
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  1. This is so lovely on your bag.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous love the background, Your coloring is fabulous thanks for sharing...