Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fence Flowers?

 Welcome to another Impression Obsession DT Thursday! Since we featured our dies in our challenge posts last week, I thought I'd share another fun use for the fence die.

I used the Bare Tree die's negative space to begin my scene. You can see that I used the Fence die upside-down for a more simple fence style... but did you noticed the flowers on the tree? I made those with the fence die, too! Here's what I did:

After cutting out the fence shape, I trimmed off the toothed end above the horizontal line. I also trimmed below the negative cut, since the shape is pretty similar.

 I used a small stylus to roll up each strip, securing the end with a dot of glue.

When the glue was dry, I carefully bent back the petals of my flower. 

Here's a closer look!

 Dies are so much more fun when they can serve more than one purpose - I hope you're inspired to look at your dies differently! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Wow...I had the card in my hands and didn't get that you MADE the flowers. How cool! You are too creative Dina!

  2. Too awesome for words!!f You have vision and that's a powerful thing!

  3. You are so good at seeing "outside the die" ! Love the negative tree too.

  4. Wow! How awesome is that!? That is so cool! I have the fence die but not the the tree. great idea!

  5. Such a great idea- love the little blossoms you made with the bottom of the doe! Genius!

  6. Oh Wow, cool I love your design, lovely flowers, great scene!

  7. How creative and how very pretty!

  8. You go, girl!
    Bloomin' good wrap!
    Keep Looking Up!

  9. Fabulous tutorial! Now I'll try it!

  10. Dina, that is so darned clever! Love it! TFS.