Sunday, July 24, 2011

new post on the Flourishes blog

I have a new post on the Flourishes blog - here's a little peek... this is a new-to-me idea, using a stamped outline as a guide for painting with acrylic paints! I don't have a tutorial yet - I still need lots of practice... but here are some links that are helpful if you're interested in trying this yourself.

Sheena Douglass has come out with a line of stamps that are designed specifically for this type of technique, called Paint Fusion. There is a laminated practice guide included in each stamp set that you can paint on, then wipe off and practice again. Here is a link to a trailer for her video, and you can view the whole line of products on her site. I purchased 3 of the sets from Joanna Sheen (daisies, poppies, and berries). Verrrrry fun to work with, and they actually can be colored with pencils or markers instead of acrylic paints if those are more your thing. I'll post some samples here soon.

This a lightning fast demonstration, but the techniques used in this video by Donna Dewberry are the basic ones I have learned in the past and used for loading my brush to paint the base layers of the flowers and leaves. I did go back and add more shading and details after the initial strokes were dry.

I think the key is really practicing... so I hope to try this more soon! Hope you'll leave some love on my post at Flourishes!

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  1. just took a peek at the flourishes blog; wow, this is gorgeous! thanks for the links; whenever i teach watercolouring images, participants ask if it's like one stroke painting and i keep saying i don't know what that is. lol. now i do.

    linda aka snail

  2. Hi Dina ~ I have been following your blog for quite some time and I am actually subscribed. This post has taken me by "happy" surprise...and I want to thank you. I have painted with acrylic paints before and now you have my attention "fully!" Thank you so much for this information. What kind of paper, watercolor or other did you use here? Your card is one of the most stunning I have ever seen!