Friday, August 13, 2010

Apple bucket

Just wanted to share some more new releases from Impression Obsession... The vintage Newsprint background is one of my new favorites... I stamped it first, then stamped the label from Journaling 1 (a clear set) right over the top and trimmed inside the outline. I sponged all the edges. The Apple Basket is stamped in brown ink and colored with pencils, and layered behind the frame - as usual, the colors I used are at the end of my post. I did a little creative trimming on the sentiment - here is the full image!Here's that drywall tape that stuff.

.....and the pencils I used: Busy week! We have 3 different sets of guests on campus, so in order to welcome them, of course we have to eat together....! So we had dinner guests Thursday night, dessert reception after a late meeting Thursday night, a potluck lunch today, and there's another potluck lunch tomorrow (that one's at our house). Sunday comes my turn to lead the church ladies' meeting and they've asked me to teach "how to make something". I decided to make paper flowers and some simple paper baskets.... still not sure how many will show up, and hoping that the 28 kits I cut yesterday will be enough.....but thinking probably not!

We finished our first week of homeschool, and it was such a great week. My highlight was today, for sure... my 6YO has had a speech 'thing' all his life, not being able to pronounce a /k/ or /g/ sound, but substituting /t/ or /d/ instead. He wasn't ready to read quite in Kindergarten, but I've changed my approach a little and it is really clicking now, I think. When he got to a /k/ in his reader, I had him push his tongue hard against his bottom teeth so that the back of his tongue would go up instead, and for the first time, I heard a /k/ come out of his mouth! He worked really hard on it, and later today was practicing on his own, hearing the difference, and even correcting himself. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it. So proud.

Don't forget about the blog hop between the I.O. and Flower Soft design teams - you can find the details HERE.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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  1. WOW! Let's see...
    I like the newsprint background and the way you made it look old. I am in awe of your cut out technique. The apple basket is so wonderfully colored! They look exactly like the apples I remember from the apple orchard in RI growing up. ...and I must have learned the creative trimming thing from you.
    Well done! Your son and my grandson have the speech "thing" in common. GS's letter is L. I keep telling him to stick his tongue out!

  2. This card is so very lovely - those dark reds are just beautiful and the vintage newsprint - lovely!

  3. Beautiful card - those apples and the newsprint are wonderful.

  4. Your pencil work is just amazing! I'm in awe!

  5. this is so beautifully colored dina-great card layout as well-the newsprint is so perfect with this image

  6. Gorgeous card!!! Love this new IO newsprint, you really did a fabulous job on this!

  7. What a feast for eyes, Dina! Hadn't been by in a while! When do you sleep? This is "Autumn Lovely"!