Friday, December 04, 2009

Warm woolen mittens

My stamping time has been Z.E.R.O. this week...we are down to the final days of preparing for our school's Christmas/ graduation/ anniversary celebration...also tonight our homeschool kids are showcasing their talents in a Homeschool Christmas Gala. Soooo proud of them! My almost-7-year-old is reading the story of the wisemen which she has mastered 5-1/2-year-old wrote an original's called Jesus is Royalty - he's funny because he can't read it and surely can't see anyway since his glasses are broken, but he cannot sing that song without the words in front of him! So cute.

All 4 of our kids are doing a little presentation that talks about the Christmas decorations and what they symbolize - the oldest reads, next down holds the little tree (it's the top half of my table-top tree), and the little ones take turns putting the decorations on. They've done a great job! I'll be sure to take pictures tonight, maybe even try to get a video of that song.....

I'm not sure the colors in this picture are quite is pretty bold though in real life. I made it during a stressful week, when my color combos get a little bolder... The mitten image is watercolored, and then embroidered - that was time-consuming, but I like it...straight stitches and French knots. The plaid lined paper came that way, but can you see a little texture on the other panel? I stamped that with one of Impression Obsession's new "Cover-a-Card" stamps, called Tapestry 2. (If you click over to Impression Obsession, search "cover-a-card" - you can see them all! There are 26 to choose from!

These background stamps are a great big 5-3/4" square, perfect for any standard size card panel. They work so wonderfully with the new MegaMount - have you seen that yet? it's a 6"x6" acrylic block with a handle and a slight curve - it's easy to use and perfect for those big hard-to-stamp stamps. Love it.

Alrighty - need to go find me some coffeeeeee........

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  1. I love the embroidery you did on the mittens. Your watercoloring is beautiful- as always! Please share pics from the Homeschool Christmas presentation..sounds precious!

  2. Oh this is gorgeous, just loved how bright and cheery it was soon as your site loaded on my laptop. As I can't find an email address for you, can I please take the opportunity here to say a huge THANK YOU so very much...why you ask??? for having a list of bloggers who link to your site!!! Thanks to you I "actually" get some people checking my little site out way down here in Australia - Card that Care. Oh also a friend in the USA sent me some of your wonderful stamps recently. G'Day from Melbourne Australia - Hugs Denise :)

  3. Boy have you been busy. This is gorgeous!!