Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grow in Grace

Saga first...the house helper that came yesterday...didn't show up today. Hm. I finally found out this evening from the friend that brought her that her family was upset with her about the whole pork issue (she had told me it wasn't a problem for her to cook it - just that she wasn't going to eat it), and also told my friend's aunt that the work was "torture", another one down. *sigh* BUT...we have another idea and we'll see how it works out - this friend that has been helping me look for a helper is interested in helping me along with another friend (they're both 18). One girl can come earlier and clean and keep an eye on my little guy while we do school, then the other can come after her morning job and they can cook together and overlap shifts a bit. They already know our kids and love to interact with them, plus have been wanting to learn English, will throw a completely different dynamic into our days, but I'm willing to try anything at this point! The important thing is - they want to work, and they have proven so far to be responsible and moldable. An opportunity, anyway. So they're both coming tomorrow at 10.

Another happy newsy tidbit - we have a car now! We've never had our own car here, though for about a year we had 'custody' of a friend's car while they were on furlough. Since we've been back from furlough (14 mo. now) we have had to borrow a co-worker's car if we ever wanted to go to town or if more than 2 of us needed to go somewhere (we do have a motorbike, but that's a bit limiting). I'll post pictures tomorrow - too dark now.

Card details - this is what I was talking about yesterday... markers direct to rubber, misted with water, then blended with a waterbrush. I lost a little detail on the flowers, so I added some detail lines with a marker after the piece was dry. The flower centers are dotted with yellow acrylic paint, using a small stylus.

Guess that's all my news for today...I think I'll spend some time watercoloring before bedtime...tomorrow will be a long day, I think...!

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  1. The card is just beautiful. Did you zig zag cut the paper before you cut the corner punch or did you just remove the guard? Love the colors. glad to hear you are happy with your car and hope your helpers work out!

  2. Dina,
    You just work it Sister. You are growing and growing. :o)

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  3. This is beautiful!!