Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Faux Watercolor Dogwoods

I meant to enter this card in Flourishes' Timeless Tuesday challenge last week, which was mixing 3 patterns... turns out it fits for this week's challenge too, which is stamp misting. Sorry for the horrible photos....for some reason, I can never get these shades of dark pink to photograph right. Anyway...this again is the "Grow in Grace" set from Our Daily Bread designs. I colored directly on the dogwood stamp with LePlume II markers, then misted the stamp with water before stamping. It's kind of a faux watercolor look, and I love the block print/woodcut look it gives this vintage botanical image. I chose to leave the image 'as is', but another step also can be to watercolor in the image by blending the colors with a waterbrush. I'll show you that look next time.

Next chapter in my house help saga...the aunt that my friend told me about came Sunday to talk about the job. Seemed interested, said she would start this morning...this morning, my friend came...but with another lady, a neighbor. Apparently the aunt "cut her hand" and suggested that this friend fill in for her. I'm glad at least she sent a substitute... other times people have said they were going to come and then just didn't show up at all. Anyway, this lady that came did fine for a first day - the only 'funny' thing with her was that because of her denomination she isn't able to work on Saturdays, and she doesn't eat meat, and didn't even know how to prepare one of the dishes I asked her to (which is like the easiest local dish to make) - I had to run and get one of the students to show her how to cook it! In the course of the day she told me that the other lady normally does washing and cooking for several other families during the week, and there was no way she would have been able to work a 7 hour day for me and then come home to all that too...sigh...I love Asian culture...!

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  1. Never a dull moment for you, girl!!! I don't know when you find the time to create such beautiful cards!! I love the dogwoods....they turned out really cool with the misting!

  2. Hi Dina - how cool - that you played along today :)!!! Your card is beautiful!!! I always love this Set...and it looks really wonderful with the misting effect!!! Hugs ~S~