Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Oooh, look, something shiny!

I am having an A.D.D. day today.....do you ever have those days? I've just been going from one thing to the next, getting distracted and starting something else, then that reminds me of something I forgot to do so I start doing that, think of a card idea and stop to try that for a minute..................................I am driving myself crazy! Right now I'm supposed to be cramming for a health/hygiene class, but what am I doing.......?!?!

So........a quick post first - a super quick card. Definitely less than 10 minutes to make this one, and I love how cheery it turned out. This is smARTworks' Star Flower set. It comes with the flower in 3 different sizes, and a variety of sentiments. I stamped the small star in 3 different coordinating chalk inks across the main panel, stamped the sentiment, scored the edges, assembled and adhered all the layers, and added some adhesive pearls to the flower centers. Done!

Ugh, this class coming up......I figured I'd better know my stuff since I will have to translate my notes, so I have been studying the book "Where There Is No Doctor", and finding quite a lot of useful information (I joined the campus 'health team' this last year, so I'm sort of a glorified campus "Dr. Mom" with some over-the-counter meds at the house that students can purchase)...since I've started studying it's been interesting to observe the local mentality regarding medicine and sickness, etc... twice I've had people tell me (not ask) that they need an antibiotic - once for malaria (which is a virus, and I doubt he had it anyway), and once for a sore throat! Another couple has a fussy 8-month-old and they were giving him adult Tylenol to try to keep him quiet so they could get some sleep..... I'm going to start becoming unpopular, not giving them what they 'think' they need! Hopefully this upcoming class will be helpful to them in understanding more about how to take care of themselves without always depending on medicines that may cause more harm than good.

OK, back to the books...hopefully no pictures of protruding bones today...! *shudder*

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  1. Oh Dina! I sure can relate to not sticking to one thing and getting sidetracked. I did that yesterday too. I felt I was running around in circles and accomplishing nothing!!!

    Your ten minute card is gorgeous girl!!! Why do I spend hours if I can create a beauty like this in 10 minutes! hugs, Chris