Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fruit basket

Here's one more card using the new release set "Fruit of the Spirit" from Our Daily Bread designs. It is such a fun image to color. This one is done using Prismacolor pencils - this card is a pre-made tri-fold window card. Not much to tell other than that. I used the pencils alone, no mineral spirits...the little bit I had in a baby food jar for traveling all leaked out in the car. Sigh...

Right now we are in beauuuuuuuuutiful northern Montana. Right now we are actually in a hotel that we stayed in on our honeymoon (but with 4 kids....not the same charm. Sorry.) We visited some old friends last night and are doing a little sightseeing today. Tomorrow on to Yellowstone. This afternoon we went to the Montana Vortex - is that a weird place! Definitely do not agree with the new age type things they relate to the energy there - but there were some very unusual physical things going on ! Especially in the crooked house. The foundation is built at an 18 degree angle. Anyone else been to one of these things?

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  1. Beautiful card - you are definitely the coloring queen! (And I'm trying realllly hard not to be jealous of you right now - oh, the glorious horizon and scent of sagebrush!)

  2. only 1 comment? This card is gorgeous!! I LOVE it!!

  3. Beautiful! I love the way you colored it. I too adore just using my pencils and nothing else.

  4. Love this card!! Sooo beautiful!