Tuesday, May 20, 2008

every hour in your day

Just wanted to share one of the new collage images from smARTworks - this is one of my designs, and I love the old-style alarm clock. The quote reads - "Don't count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count." And yes, I'm preaching to MYSELF!

Collage images like this are great for a quick layout, and can be stamped on a light background and colored, or stamped in black on a patterned or altered background. This time I chose to stamp the image in black on sage cardstock, and added a few highlights with a white glaze pen. There is a round epoxy sticker over the face of the clock.

The upper background panel was done using a 2 step faux watercolor process. For the first 'layer' I misted the paper with water and stamped the leaf with Versamagic chalk ink, allowing the ink to bleed. After it had dried I inked the stamp with the same ink, then misted the stamp with water before putting it to the paper. So - 2 ways of doing faux watercolor. The secone way gives a little clearer image - I guess it more bleeds within the image rather than bleeding out onto the paper, if that makes any sense.

We're spending the day at Yellowstone today - we actually spent part of our honeymoon here, so it's fun to be back again and see changes...though it's much different with 4 kids in the back! Yesterday we saw lots of elk and bison, a baby bison nursing (!), a couple bald eagles, a coyote and a moose. Today we're on a quest for a bear!

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  1. Love the card!
    And, you have officially seen more wildlife at Yellowstone than I did. Hope you find that bear. :-)
    ~ dana c

  2. Dina, this is AWESOME!! I love this collage stmap...great job on it! Do you have more?

  3. Love the collage on sage with the highlights ... beautiful card.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful card and I just love that stamp that you used to make it.


  5. I just love!! this card. What a smart trick to put the sticker over the face of the clock.