Monday, December 17, 2007

portfolio card

Finally...sigh...something stamped to share. It felt good to create this week - made me feel normal again. Hooray for that! Thanks for all your emails - appreciate your honesty with me and your willingness to encourage me. I love my imaginary friends...................! LOL

This is a portfolio card - I haven't done one of these in a long time. I used to make them as part of a "stamping overseas" class at one of our training centers a few years back - they are easy to make and also make great presentation folders for brochures, prayer cards, etc. So that was the focus back then. This one is just for fun - could probably hold 3 or 4 cards with envelopes inside. I haven't gotten that far yet...but you get the idea.

Stamps are all by smARTworks - this is one of the new sets called "Letter Girl." The stitching lines are also stamped. Patterned paper is from Arctic Frog (and how can you not love paper called Arctic Frog?).

For the portfolio part...I used a regular 8-1/2"x11" sheet of cardstock turned "landscape". It's scored 6" and 6-1/4" from the top (so your score lines go the long way), then at 5-3/8" from each end (leaving 1/4" in the middle, which is your spine.). Using scissors, cut out the part of the spine that falls below the 6" score line. I usually cut in at an angle from beyond the score lines just a little, so the part that I'm cutting out looks like a triangle with the top chopped off...I'm sure there's a respectable geometrical term for that shape, but it eludes's a full sheet size template (if you click on it) for my visual learning friends.....

The ribbon on my card is attached only on the front, and wraps around the back to tie in the front again. In the past I've tied the ribbon through two punched holes on the right (through front and back) and that works too. Just make sure you leave enough room for your card width inside.

Oh yeah...the score lines that form the pockets - when you fold them up, make the 6" one the bottom of your pocket. This way it gives the cards a little bit of an angle inside. If you want to make your portfolio more boxy, you can increase your spine width to 1/2" and create 1/4" pocket bottoms. Just depends on the bulk of what you want to put inside.

You can easily adjust the dimensions of this project to fit what you plan to tuck inside. You can turn the template "the tall way" for brochures or business size cards too.

Have fun! If you make one of a link so I can see!


  1. Dina, this is so much fun! I made a few cards like this after you sent me one many many years ago. Actually, one year I made teacher gifts by using this portfolio card as a holder for 6 single layered cards and envelopes.
    I'm glad you are in a creative place again. I hope you get some rest this season.

  2. This is such a very lovely idea! And that quote is the nicest quote ever. Just Lovely, :0) Mel

  3. Wow Dini! Great idea! I love your portfolio card :)

  4. This is very pretty . . . and very soothing for the eye. Thanks for the inspiration. I finished 80 Christmas cards and have found I need to make about 5 more. I have been thinking of you and praying for your safe travel. Wish you were coming to Michigan ;o) You'd get warm hugs here. Take care and Gods blessings on you and your family . . . Elizabeth S.

  5. wow! great idea and lovely coloring, love it!

    have a wonderful Christmas,

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