Wednesday, October 03, 2007

scarecrow #2

Here's sample #2, done with the smARTworks Scarecrow set. This was a fun one, actually the first card I made with the set. This card features all the stamps in the set - the scarecrow, patches, and saying.

I had 3 ideas I wanted to try with this one:

Paper piecing - the coat just begged to be paper-pieced, and I love how that turned out. The shading was added with Prismacolor pencils. The patches are pieced too.

Masking - He just had to be standing in a field. I used one of the stamps from smARTworks' "Grasses" set, masking the scarecrow first.

The Bird - Scarecrow is looking at 'something', so I had to draw something in to give him a bird to gaze at. He's just so stinkin' could a bird not land on him?

Other stuff - white gel pen on the patches, faux stitching around the main panel and patches, clouds made with a scalloped circle mask.

Still guessing on Susan's contest? She gave a hint today - when she trims the rubber, she's also multi-tasking. Hmmm......


  1. Fabulous card. Love the patches.

  2. me too, I love the patches and the shading and the....everything! The photography is impressive too!

  3. This has to be the most handsome scarecrow I've ever seen! Very creative artwork!

  4. Schweeet! Absolutely LOVE this one!! I think it's a combo of the coloring - neutrals with the blue popping out - and the birdy! Well done, girlfriend. :0]

  5. OMG! This is an amazing card! I love the colors and the image is so cute!

  6. That did I HAVE TO get this adorable is HE...and the paper piecing on the jacket is perfect! WOW!