Monday, August 20, 2007

and speaking of paper tole.....

check out the standards the Paper Tole Institute holds - wow, I fall sadly short! This is just a list of general standards - there are even more for the more advanced!

Paper tole work at all levels must have:
Precision cutting
Creative and realistic shaping with no cracked edges
Nicely rounded and colored edges (No blunt or white edges)
Each piece must be separated, shaped and reassembled. i.e. a hand should be separated from a sleeve; a shoe separated from a leg.
All glue and other means of elevation hidden from view
No gaps visible
Background, middle ground, and foreground should be kept in perspective. The background should have less emphasis than the foreground.
Free from debris inside the frame
Complementary mats and frames, with a professional looking finish.

Back to watercoloring for me, thank you......


  1. Well boo to them...they don't know what real art is...

  2. So, you did Dina-tole! I love yours!!

  3. Ooh, I love the term Dina-tole!! Your card is lovely regardless. And since I despise detail cutting work, admiring your cards is the closest I'm going to get to paper tole of any sort!!