Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pansy cards

Here are a couple more cards that are on their way across the ocean to Susan at smARTworks. I was tickled to find my name on their website newsletter yesterday! Thanks, Susan!

I can't remember if I mentioned before that I cut this stamp in half (remember before he was feeding a lamb?)...I just imagined him picking flowers, so the lamb had to be removeable. I woke up one morning with the 'pansies' quote from Hamlet in my head...I like it out of context, but I remember it being in a sort of disturbing's not think about it! That part is actually not a stamp (yet?)...I designed that on the computer, with a couple other stamps to go along with it...I think I'll submit them to smARTworks, and who knows - maybe you'll be able to stamp them on your cards in the future? The little man is watercolored, and you know he had to be in some kind of a scene. I had fun watercoloring the fence, trees and little house in the background - I tried to make them a little impressionistic so the picture had some depth. The butterfly and other flowers are pieces of another stamp. I dyed that ribbon with an inkpad, but it came out a little dingier (is that a word) than I wanted. Oh well...

I colored the second card image using my Prismacolor pencils and OMS. The fence is hand-drawn and I used a stencil for the clouds. See that pansy paper? This was the card I made it for, and I had a scrap just the right size for the second card too. That second card has an unusual amount of white on it for a dini card, but sometimes ya just gotta is textured cardstock, so that makes up for it. I handwrote 'blessings' on that one.

I made a quick bag-a-lope yesterday but we had to run out the door to a birthday party so I didn't get a chance to take a picture. I think I'll have to use that idea next time the girls want to come over to stamp.


  1. Beautiful as always - what a great idea to have him picking flowers!

  2. What amazing artwork you have here! I've aded you to my blog. And what is that gooey mess in your title?!

  3. This card is just so wonderful. Your art is truly inspiring to me. Your use of color is right on the mark!