Tuesday, March 06, 2007


OK, this is the prize for the Stamping Studio contest...so now that I've made my card...that's not really my thing (thoughts that come to mind...not so much "what would I do with that?" but postage, bulk, storage, moving...).

Now what should I do?

Also! A couple people have asked me "what that thing is" up there in my header - that is nothing other than a fabulous piece of Mama Dini's homemade-every-Saturday PIZZA! (how can you not see that? and seriously, what did you think it was?!)

And! I noticed on my site meter that a bunch of y'all are visiting because of a post on Gingerwood about designing watermarks! Sorry I missed it, but there's some setting on GW that's blocking me from accessing the site again because I'm overseas (there was a brief period after things got messed up there that I was able to get on, but alas...no more...). If you're interested in having a digital watermark designed, you can click on the watermark over to the right for more info, then email me with your info or for more details. Thanks!


  1. You could always have your prize sent to me. :-) (heehee) Seriously, I could hold on to it for you, etc. :-) Just a thought.

    And people really didn't know that is a piece of pizza?!!

  2. Yeah, I can be a bit of an idiot - I thought it was squid or something!! I like how you used your punch to make flowers.

  3. You could use the prize materials to make gifts for peole there. Then you wouldn't have to move it etc.

  4. Ok, I will be honest here and tell you I didn't know what it was..as to what you can do with it? Blog candy?

  5. Hi Dini : )

    I love you! The first time I saw it I jumped (but you know I'm kind of jumpy). It looked like some kind of oozy tropical wound or something. But I quickly figured it out after seeing the name "Stamperia" and remembering that you're pizza central over there! I wasn't going to say anything, but you asked...and I won't be offended if you delete this comment!