Tuesday, November 21, 2006

new stamps!

Art Impressions now has clear stamps! I'm glad I waited to spend my gift certificate from the contest...I can 'almost' get the first sheet with it...they just have this one sheet of Christmas penguins to start...I'd been eyeing them but had resigned myself to just get watercolor paper...sigh... It looks like the sheet is about 6"x8" for $24.95. I can just imagine these little guys in snow scenes, beach scenes (LOL - there's me, missing home again...sure no snow here in the tropical paradise...)

Can't wait to see the other entries for the December contest - they are saying they are 'fabulous'...! They'll be posted for voting the first week of December!

The sad thing is that the only winter-ish card I've even made is for this contest...I haven't begun to make the first Christmas card. I made a big stack of Thanksgiving cards, but then discovered it was going to to cost me up to $100 to send them all from here, and decided to wait and send them home with my inlaws to mail Stateside...so those are going to be kind of weird - Fall colored butterfly cards coming at Christmas time! Sigh....

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  1. Oh wow, how cute is this!?! I'm an avid penguin fan. Hmmm...may just have to get me some of this!!