Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

It doesn't really 'feel' like Thanksgiving in the tropical paradise today...but Happy Thanksgiving anyway! We are making our big meal on Saturday so we can share some "traditional American food" with our friends and neighbors (you know, there's really not a lot of food that's exclusively American...)...we've even been able to find all the trimmings here - we'll be eating turkey and stuffing (ooh, need to make the stuffing bread today - I have a great recipe that includes all the herbs and spices in the bread - let me know if you want the recipe!), mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole (actually I'll substitute squash, but it's just as good, and don't tell the kids!), cranberry sauce, and a couple kinds of pies (hmmm...pumpkin for oh, shoot, forgot to look for corn syrup).

I almost got to stamp last night, but the power went out...sigh...I also was in the middle of a project but it got too dark to see - DH bought me a shoe organizer to store my paper in - I'll have to post a picture when I get it done. It closes all up and has kind of like bins that pull down. Yeah, hard to describe! The trouble with it now is that the paper in it is so heavy and it's not really well made, so it is sagging considerably in the middle of each bin....not so much that it will come apart, but it's definitely not straight. What to do....?

Happy day!

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