Pencil charts and storage


Here's a link to my blank printable chart for Prismacolor Premier Pencils. The chart is in 'my order', and includes all 150 pencil colors plus the discontinued Lightfast line (codes begin with LF) and a few other colors that are retired.

If you're needing to add to your collection of Prismacolors, click HERE.

This is the blank chart I use for Polychromos pencils. Again, the chart is in 'my order', and includes all 120 pencil colors. (By the way, if you happen to collect the Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils, or other Faber-Castell art lines, this color chart works for those lines too.)

If you're needing to add to your collection of Polychromos, click HERE.

Here's a blank chart for Inktense pencils. This is in order by stock number.

If you're needing to add to your collection of Inktense pencils, click HERE.


I love the Global Art leather cases. There are a variety of sizes, with spaces for 24-120 pencils. The elastic bands inside the cases hold 3-4 pencils per section depending on the size. I like keeping my pencils in order, so the elastic loops are perfect for me. 

The cases I have are leather... this is a stock picture from Blick, but you can see how the elastic loops are positioned inside... if you happen to get an older or used case, there are 2 rows of elastic loops. Each loop holds 2-3 pencils depending on the diameter. The elastic relaxes the longer you use the cases - it is pretty snug at first.

Global Classic Leather Pencil Cases

There are also less-expensive canvas cases available now from the same company, in some very lovely colors.
Global Canvas Pencil Cases

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