Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 in Review

It's a tradition on my blog to look back at the end of the year and pick out a few creative highlights! Hope you enjoy... this year was a massive, endless blur, and some things seem like they happened wayyyyyy longer than months ago! It's good to know that despite all that happened, there are some highlights to remember too!


I was offered the opportunity to display my artwork  at City Hall in Sedalia, MO, which is a larger town in the next county - here's my son helping me hang it all - 15 pieces plus a few smaller painted plaques.


Impression Obsession moved to a monthly release model this year, so February was my first release month, featuring some of my favorite artwork ever in a painting and stamping collection! You can find all of my stamps HERE!

I had also been working to develop a bird shaped bead using polymer clay, and introduced my Freckle Bird Beads to my Etsy store! They're so fun to make - each one is unique in design and has its own little personality.


One of my jobs at Splitcoaststampers is sourcing tutorials for the weekly newsletter - here's a favorite project from this year's tutorial calendar!


After several schedule changes in 2020, we were finally able to hold the first annual Benton County Art Show in April. I worked on the committee and it was exciting to see local artists come together for a well-rounded and successful show!

I worked on this show piece many hours in April as well! 


It's always a challenge for me to balance life and work - my daughter graduated in May so one of my creative highlights was taking her senior pictures... this one is my favorite!

I added another design to my paper bead cutting files on Etsy - these have remained a best seller for me this year and I'm so grateful!


Since my focus is more on my art, I don't get many guest designer invitations these days but I got 2 this month - here is a card I made for a blog hop with Topflight Stamps:

I also was the guest designer at Sugar Pea Designs during June - here's a favorite project:

If you represent a stamp company and you're looking for a guest designer, let me know - I enjoy the creative switch-up once in a while!


I had a great idea to market my stamp-themed accessories to brick and mortar stamp stores in July. It hasn't taken off like I had hoped, though there are a few stores that are carrying my items! If you have a store near you that might like to carry stamp or scrapbook themed bracelets, necklaces, keychains, or charm sets, please send them my way! 


In August I was honored to have a drawing included in the juried Top50 gallery at the Missouri State Fair! After the fair ended, I went to pick up the drawing from the fine art building at the fairgrounds and it was not there. It's never been found. Certainly not a complement or the distinction I wanted as an artist, but it did get my name and artwork 'out there'...! *sigh* Onward and upward.


With everyone back in school I put my full art focus on finishing up a drawing for publication! In March I had been approached about creating a colored pencil feature for an upcoming book by Ann Kullberg publishing. As my first book publication, I wanted to get it right, so many hours went into this piece! I should have the book in my hands soon.

I finished the piece in time to enter it in an art show locally and was quite pleased with the results! The tiger drawing also won the People's Choice award, which is my favorite prize to receive. (I entered the reference photo of the Bel Air in the photography category, so that ribbon was a nice recompense, and got me a bit emotional.)


We joke about the blur that is Septoctember... this year was no different! Working on commissioned portraits, preparing for Falliday Fest and a November craft show - I was just really busy! Here's a commission I completed in October, a cat named Wampus! 


Our annual Falliday Fest event over at Splitcoaststampers was a hit, a much needed community event and a good time to prepare for the holidays. I coordinated the tutorial entries and provided a challenge and tutorial for the event. Here's one of my challenge samples!


Here we are, December! The Draw: Seasons book released at the beginning of December and should be available soon - you can purchase it on Amazon HERE! The book features tutorials and drawings inspired by the 4 seasons and it's a wonderful resource - can't wait to curl up with it and learn from these other artists.

I've just wrapped up commissions for the year as well - the last one shipped out today! This is Gracie, and she's my 124th commission. I'm taking orders for next year - there are just 6 in my queue right now, so now is a great time to get in line!

Changes and upcoming things:

--I've stepped down from the A Colorful Life Designs team - I will still remain an affiliate but I don't have a coupon code to offer any more. Just wasn't keeping up. 

--I'll probably look into a few more weekend shows for 2022 - we'll see! That is a continual learning process. Looking forward to doing a little purging and organizing in my craft areas - there are some ideas I have for my jewelry designs that would incorporate my artwork and streamline things a little more but I need inspiration and space!

--Plans for a local 2022 art show will begin soon. The eventual plan is to create a nonprofit arts council and I have been dragging my feet because I'm not good at adulting but that needs to happen this year!

I hope my creative efforts have brought a little comfort and inspiration into your world - I know that I have appreciated your visits and kind words here in this little space of mine! All the best to you in 2022. Thank you for looking back with me!

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  1. I will always be mad about that stolen piece. Awful.
    But all that creative magic inside you still shone brightly as you continued to make beautiful things!
    Despite covid you had a really busy year!
    Wishing you all good things in 2022!
    hugs Margot

  2. How did I not know you were a Missouri gal too ... love seeing your year. Hope next year is wonderful for you.

  3. What an amazing year you have had. You are so talented, thanks for sharing your year in review. May you have a blessed and prosperous New Year!!