Tuesday, April 13, 2021

New stuff!

A couple of new items in my Etsy store - I turned my video camera on while making this sweet owl bracelet, so I have a tutorial, the actual bracelet, and some kits with all the supplies needed to make your own! That's HERE. (If you're used to my Splitcoast tutorials, this is a "special treat" because instead of doing a voiceover this was all voiced in real time and I rarely do that. I did edit out most of the allergy sniffles, but you've got mistakes and wind chimes all for free.)
I finished a watercolor piece today for an upcoming community fundraiser, so I have new notecards and prints available! Notecards are HERE. Prints HERE.

I'm working on another large colored pencil piece for an upcoming art show - I haven't posted any public updates of my progress, but you can take a peek at it HERE! Shh! I'm lying awake at night worrying about not getting it done in time, and planning out how to fake the background if I need to enter it in a show before it's complete. Also, the glass broke in my frame during transit - hopefully the replacement will come in time, and not break on the way. Eek!

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