Monday, February 08, 2021

Freckle bird beads!

I've been on a bit of a bird binge over here! In my free time I've been working on designing a bird bead from polymer clay. Here is the result! Each one is absolutely unique, and has its own little personality. I'll be restocking my store weekly with the colors I have on hand.

If you're a jewelry maker, or know a jewelry maker, these are lots of fun to work into a finished necklace or bracelet! If you're a jewelry wearer, I do have some finished pieces in my store! Here are a few that have sold (I was able to make multiples of a couple of these and they may still be available if you hurry!)

The wire nest necklaces have been popular... my first four sold out the first day!

I also made some polymer clay twig beads to use with the birds - they make a perfect resting place, with some dangling beads and charms underneath!  I do have 2 more of the design below

Here are the twig beads - these are also in my store if you'd like some for yourself! They are hand formed and hand painted.

I've got some adorable handmade owl beads in the store too (like the one on the right). The center pendant is a ceramic owl paired up with some of my handmade beads and a pretty little copper bead cap... that might make a really cute kit! (Would you be interested in something like that? Please let me know in the comments!)

One more bird related item - I will be adding these to the store today! These beads are shaped in a hand-carved mold and each one is hand painted. I've got them in 2 sizes - the smaller size is pictured below. I love them so much! 

I've got earrings too, in case you're looking for something handmade! I'm wearing these ones right now - they're about 2" long, and very lightweight. 

Have a wonderful week!

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