Monday, April 15, 2019

Heat foiling with cutting dies

I've had some fun this weekend exploring what all the Spellbinders Glimmer Foil Machine can do! For this project I've used a regular cutting die with the system - it transferred a perfect outline image to my watercolor paper, and the foil resists the watercolor. So fun!

Before I get going, TLady, you're my winner - I have your address and I'll send that foil out to you this week! Yay!

I  bought this gorgeous large die during the last big Spellbinders sale, and it was a perfect one for this project. Rookie tips - cut the foil too big, and cut the card too big - since there's always a possibility of shifting on the plates, give yourself a little room for error. If you get a little extra foil on your project, you can remove it with a sand eraser! Since the foiled lines are impressed into the card, they won't be affected. 

...and you can always trim the panel down! My foiling ended up a little crooked, so I used my new Cut-Align ruler to even out the edges - I like using it with the grid mat on my desk to keep everything square.

I used several layers of watercolor to color in the image, and then added a few more little details and shadows with colored pencil.

I die cut a little heart out of 3M foam tape, and just pressed gold foil onto the exposed adhesive - it transferred so easily! No burnishing needed at all - I just pressed with my fingers. (Tip: shiny side up!) I was so happy to know that this would work - it really expands the possibilities of this system and this foil! I'll have to do some more experimenting with different adhesives to see what works the best.

I finished it all off with some gold watercolor splatters - it's so cheery and shimmery! The sentiment I used is from my coffee collection, and it's HERE.

Have a wonderful week!
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  1. Really lovely card, just love it!

  2. I hope you will demo this process in a video. Love the outcome.

  3. I LOVE THIS DINA! I have been looking at this die in particular & wasn't sure of it's versatility! LOVE what you've done with it! This is GORGEOUS!!! It just MIGHT HAVE TO GO in my cart next visit to SB! LOL I ALSO NEED the Sweet Petunia Cut-Align Ruler! It goes PERFECTLY with the SB Glimmer Dies! ;) AND THANK YOU DINA for the win!!!! I WILL use the foil! I don't think I have that color either! ;) THANK YOU DINA!!!!!!!!!!! BLESSINGS!!!:D

  4. Brilliant idea! I definitely want to try this with one of my more intricate dies! Thanks for sharing!!