Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Splitcoast Tutorial: Paper Molding

Today's tutorial over on Splitcoast is a fun Paper Molding technique. I took a little twist on things and used a die for my shapes, making it into a 3-dimensional ornament. Check out the tutorial to see how you can add dimension to a stamped image!

This is the die that I used:
Uncaged Bird

Each "layer" of the ornament is made of 3 layers of Bristol paper, so it's pretty dimensional. I used gel medium to stick the layers together, spreading it with a palette knife. I liked using that instead of a liquid glue because it was easy to spread over each full piece, and it dries clear with a matte finish, so you can't tell what a mess I made with it! Each layer can be shaped while the glue or gel medium is still wet, and it will hold that shape when dry.

This isn't the best picture because it's larger than life, but at least you can see how I wove the vine in around the bars of the cage. I loved adding that detail! The whole piece is covered with 2 coats of varnish - I used this one from Pebeo.

Come over and visit us at Splitcoast, and give this technique a try!
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