Thursday, March 09, 2017

Impression Obsession DT Thursday - border backgrounds

It's my turn to host this week's DT Thursday for Impression Obsession! When we did our Summer release hop several of you asked for instructions on using border stamps to make backgrounds with the MISTI, so I thought I'd use today's post to show that to you. I intended to make a video, but I'm fighting allergies today, so photo steps will have to do. Sorry about that! *sniff*

For my first card, I used the Triple Dot border stamp - I started by positioning it the long way across, at the top of my quarter sheet of cardstock. I didn't worry about it going all the way to the edge, because I knew I was going to trim it.

With the first impression, there was a little ink to the left of the card on the base of the MISTI, and I used that to determine the interval that the card needed to move each time. In this case, 5/8" was the right distance to move it up. I used the remaining ink to stamp a second time.

Each time I was ready for a new row, I just scooched the cardstock up 5/8", and stamped, scooched and stamped. You can see below that it doesn't affect the cardstock to extend over the edge of the base onto the ruler area.

Here's a closer peek at the finished panel on my card... I love how the dots fill out the space. I saw another designer doing this technique and instead of moving the cardstock and leaving the stamp in place, she was removing and repositioning the stamp for each stripe! So much extra work and room for error.

On the second card, I made a plaid pattern, and the concept is the same...

I started with a single row with the Chainlink stamp.

For this pattern I moved the card up 3/4" each time so I'd have an even space between each row for other patterns.

When those rows were done, I turned the cardstock and stamped at the same interval the other way.

I used another stamp (Sticks) in between the rows for additional color, and also repeated the first stamp in Broken China between every other row  at 1.5" intervals.

I had one other great tip, which was to cut a wider fish tail banner with a hexagon die, and that would have been better if the die hadn't shifted anyway...

So just pretend I meant to have it at that offset angle - I think it's cool anyway! Here's a closer look at the background on my card.

Stamps I used: Triple Dot, Potted Cactus SmallChainlinkSticks,  Vintage Planters clear set,  Timeless Classic clear set

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  1. I LOVE the background papers you've created Dina! VERY NICE!!! AND the images are WONDERFUL!!! You did a BEAUTIFUL JOB on the water coloring too, of course!!!! ;) As ALWAYS, a SUPER JOB!!!! ;)

  2. Beautiful cards and great techniques for the background. Makes me wish I had bought the original version instead of the mini version of the Misti.

    1. Mmm, I totally understand. The compactness is nice but it's limiting for techniques like this one.

  3. What products did you use for water coloring? Fabulous cards!

    1. It's a combination of watercolors (ShinHan and QoR), Distress ink, and Zig markers. :) I just grabbed what was close and matched my backgrounds.

  4. Oh, Dina, I just love these cards. I love the backgrounds that you created. What a wonderful way to ensure that the dp will match the colored image. Thanks for sharing this technique.

  5. Wow Dina, these cards are just stunning!