Monday, March 13, 2017

Bird prints, and a tip about canvas panels!

I had the chance to paint this weekend while the house was a little more quiet... I was able to finish 2 paintings, which made me really happy! Lately I've been staying in one mode at a time, and my last month has been a combination of illustration mode (summer, fall and winter stamps) and card-making mode (summer catalog and board samples). It felt good to pull the paints out and work on some birds!

I keep a stack of canvas and wood panels on my desk, and use them to brush off any excess paint I have left from gel printing or other painting projects. After a while, they accumulate a good variety of random colors and strokes, and they're ready to be painted on. These are the canvas panels I use - I love the variety of sizes.

I usually start by sketching some kind of container and painting around it in watered down white or black paint for a negative outline, then I shade and highlight within the outline. Afterwards, I sketch in a bird and give it a white base with acrylic paint or gesso so the paint retains its color in the following layers.

Paint goes on in layers until I have the look I want... and then the extra paint goes onto the next panel to begin the process all over again!

Prints are available in my store of both of these paintings, and the original at the top of this post is also for sale (the other is on its way to bring joy to a friend in Canada!). I have lots of lamb prints available as well - they are perfect for spring, for baby shower gifts, and for sharing comfort or condolence.

Thanks for stopping by today! xo
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a gorgeous way to use excess paint, Dina. I am going to try that...and I Love your new bird and container paintings. So beautiful and serene. TFS and always inspiring my friend. Hugs..