Sunday, February 05, 2017

United - new art print!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know I've been working on a new painting this week - I love this concept and image, and the statement that it makes... about diversity, unity, how we need each other, and the strength there is in coming together. It's called "United" and prints are available in my webstore now!

I love being able to look back through the process and the layers of color, so here are a few pictures I took as I was painting to document my progress. This was my initial wash of color for a layer of underpainting. It always amazes me that it starts off this way - so simple.

The first layer of shading, or maybe 2 layers here. Sometimes I'm tempted to stop here and just publish something simple, but I'm so fascinated by the layering process and the depth of color that transparent watercolors can achieve.

This image made it easy to work in sections with its obvious divisions - I was a little timid about the bottom hand, so it's looking a little 'off' here since the arm is done.

More layers on the hands - I love the contrast of this photo to the next one after I added deeper black shadows.

I used a mix of brands when I painted this time, which was fun - I have a few Daniel Smith paints that are extremely granulating, and they were so fun to play with. In particular, Lunar Black and Moonglow - the Moonglow separates into 3 different colors as it dries, which is so cool.

This painting was a challenge and a joy... I loved the feedback as I went through the process that people found it moving. I did too. :) I look forward to seeing where it goes from here!
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  1. BEAUTIFUL JOB, DINA! I think it shows your heart. It is what most of us in the USA want for our country. It comes from the heart, but first from God! ;)

  2. love this, promotes fellowship and love as opposed to hate. With all the turmoil in your country and the recent attack in Canada against Muslims, I hope this spreads. Beautiful painting

  3. A striking and thought-provoking image. Wonderful skin tones too. Isn't watercolour an amazing medium! Thank you.

  4. We are blessed to have all those colors in our family:-) Unity and Love for all! TFS your gorgeous work of are my friend. Hugs...

  5. It's great! And it's powerful!