Monday, May 23, 2016

New Print - Tenderly

A dear stamping friend shared an enchanted picture of her grandson a few weeks ago, and it inspired a little study in my watercolor sketch book... which led to my first commissioned piece! This is a 5"x7" watercolor painting called "Tenderly". I'm so honored to preserve this special moment.

When I paint, I like sharing photos of the process on Facebook, and I always enjoy the responses - here are a few points of the process. Initial masking and color wash....

More detail, a salt wash, and some grass (if you look at the final painting, you can see that this went through a few changes along the way, and I should probably have waited to do some of the foreground until later in the process...) Those couple of pink spots are Magenta Nuance that jumped onto my paper - eek - that worked, though, to bring a little warmth to the water.

Removed the masking fluid and did a little additional masking/ negative painting in the foreground...

Added in detail to the folds of his little outfit...

The face took a lot of courage, so I saved it for last, and worked in very light, subtle layers.

Almost finished here - just a few final tweaks to the water after this!

As usual, if you'd like a copy, you can preorder here by clicking below, and I thank you kindly! Other prints are all in stock.

Have a wonderful week! We're doing year-end standardized testing this week and more packing, so... yippee!
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  1. Dina, you captured both his likeness and his spirit. What a beautiful legacy painting this is for both families. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you ~ XO

  2. WONDERFUL, and oh so special for your stamping friend. Congrats on your first commission...may there be many, many more!!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  3. Love your art work Dina and have just had a look at your prints. They are all just wonderful ! Take care x

  4. So very neat! Explain the term you used "salt wash" please.

    1. Hi Jan Marie! It's a watercolor technique where you sprinkle salt over a wet painted area - the salt absorbs some of the moisture and creates a neat background effect.

  5. Your talents are beyond amazing! My brother is a self taught artist who doesn't paint as much as he should but he always paints the face last. He painted a pic of his wife when she was expecting their first child and finished it all and left the face blank for about 2 years!! Drove us nuts!!! LOL!!! I love everything you create! Thanks for you inspiration.