Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Splitcoast tutorial & Starburst backgrounds

This week's tutorial over on Splitcoast is an upcycled Cardboard Roll Album - it's a great way to use up those empty TP rolls, and make a unique themed mini book. I didn't get to make a sample this week, but please be sure to check out our new author Areli's sample books - they're great!

In the Inkling newsletter this week I answered a question about making Starburst backgrounds, so here are a couple of cards I made as I was clarifying the steps in my mind... the House Mouse images came from Joanna Sheen's webstore (they're discontinued now), and the sentiments are from Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps.

 Our Artist in Residence answers your questions:
Q: Deirdre wants to know: "How do you make a starburst background?"
A: I start with a pile of rectangular paper scraps, and cut them from corner to corner to create long triangles. The width of the scraps doesn't matter, but they need to be at least 4-5" inches long. 

I pick a point on the card, usually to one side, and glue my first wedge down across the card with the point of the triangle at or just beyond my focus point (it doesn't have to be on the edge - it can be anywhere on the card, really). 

From there I work out on either side of the first wedge, gluing down other wedges and leaving a small space in between each piece. You can match up the sides, but leaving a space allows for a contrast layer to show through, and gives you a little margin for error in case your cuts aren't perfectly straight. 

When the space is filled, trim off the overhanging edges. 

That's it! It's a great way to add drama to a card or really highlight a small image.

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  1. Thank you, Dina, for adding this tutorial. I am going to go make one right this minute!

  2. I love it Dina and it looks so marvelous! What a fun way to use scraps, too ♥

  3. Dina, your cards are beautiful. Love this background, I have to try this. TFS!

  4. Slipcoast has the greatest website, everything is fantastic. Thanh You for sharing.

  5. I wish I'd noticed the small space between each triangle, next time I'll remember that. It came out all right but not nearly as pretty as your card but I do love the effect of the sunburst. Thank you for your tutorial.