Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Splitcoast Tutorial: No Line Watercoloring

This week's No Line Watercoloring tutorial over on Splitcoast is brought to us by Jenn Shurkus - it's a fun way to create an artsy look with stamps, starting with a lightly inked outline.

Here's my sample - I started by stamping my Chinese Lantern image using Ranger Pale Ochre Archival Ink - it's sort of a buttery yellow.

Chinese Lantern

I painted the image with water-activated Brusho from my newest palette - each well has a few drops of water and enough Brusho powder to make a concentrated ink. (This is the palette I like to use - I have 3 of them for different paint brands... I love all the wells and the big open spaces for mixing (there's a tray that lifts out and there's space underneath there, too.) The paint can be reactivated, and retains some of its fun mix of colors as it dries... it's really fun to work with in that format. I started with a layer of yellow, then heat set the yellow and laid in a darker orange, then red, and a burgundy for shading. I used Indigo for the deepest shadows.

I have a tutorial for purchase HERE that goes a little more in depth into my usual process for borderless watercoloring, if you're interested. It's so much fun, and great mixed media practice too!

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  1. Dina, this is so pretty and I love your background. Will give the tut a try! TFS!

  2. This is so pretty! I love the colors. Chinese Lanterns are some of my favorite plants.

  3. Gorgeous! It's so vibrant, love using the compliment for shadows. Question! I am shopping for a new palette and I'm interested in yours. However it is not linked. Could you add the link to the palette?

    1. Derp! I will add that link in. This is the one I use.

  4. It's beautiful, the stamp and the coloring!