Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Splitcoast Tutorial: Watercolored Ornament Card

It's my turn to share a tutorial over on Splitcoast... I thought it would be fun to share the process of making this little Christmas vignette in the Watercolored Ornament Card tutorial.

I have lots of requests for watercolor tutorials, and watercolor is difficult to capsulize into photo steps... but hopefully the tutorial is broken down enough to make you want to try it! There are lots of variations that could be done with this - I can't wait to see more in the gallery.

I wanted to share a link for the tape I used for masking -- it's this wider Frog Tape, made specifically for delicate surfaces. It worked really well for die cutting and also on the watercolor paper. Die cutting masks for watercolor is another way to stretch your dies -- these were done with simple circle dies.

I used a reverse masking technique for this sample, adding a stamped image to add texture to the ornament.

Hope you'll come visit me over at Splitcoast!
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  1. Oh Dina, this is just gorgeous, I love this ornaments and the beautiful greenery you created for them.
    I just wanted to say that, water coloring is a technique that requires a bit of practice and, at the same time, it's very forgiving for the novice who is trying it for the first time.
    What a great tip about the different water color mediums, all move on the paper in different ways. I've tried most of them except water color crayons, so it's a good idea to get the feel of how they move and blend on your panel.
    The paper is also very important, so it's a good idea to try as many as possible.
    Thank you so much for this tutorial, the only thing I need to get is that masking tape!!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family and thank you so much for sharing your creativity and talent with us.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  2. So gorgeous. Thank you for sharing how you made this lovely card.

  3. Wow! Awesome! thanks for the hint about frog tape! I believe there is some in the house! :) Your designs are awesome! Always! :) I will bookmark this for when I have more time to try! You have inspired! :) Thank you! Happy Wednesday

  4. HOW WONDERFULLY GORGEOUS, Dina!!! I LOOOOVE BOTH CARDS!!! The last one with the design on the Christmas ball, even looks rounded/3D with the design. WOW!!! JETTING over to SCS to see your tutorial!!!!! ;) THANK YOU DINA!!!!

  5. Just now watched the video and it´s so inspiring and your cards are STUNNING. I will try this for sure.
    Have nice day/Gunilla

  6. Dina, I watched the video and just LOVE this technique - it's amazing actually. And you are such an artist. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us. Beautifully done! Hugs!

  7. Yep, these Watercolors are my favorite cards for Christmas 2015! Next yr I am going to try them and the tags, I just hope mine comes out as beautiful as yours. Thank You so much. Happy Holidays, Victoria