Monday, August 03, 2015

Diffuser Necklaces

When I can clear my desk off enough to think, I enjoy making jewelry. This weekend I made a few of these Diffuser Locket Necklaces to sell!

These house a small wool felt disk that can hold several drops of essential oil or perfume that stays with you throughout the day. I have occasional anxiety issues, and I love having Cypress oil in mine.

I've got a wide variety of charms and every color bead imaginable - if you're interested in a custom necklace please let me know! There's more information and a Paypal button on THIS PAGE.

Right now I have art themed charms (stamps, pen nibs, palettes, sewing, quilting, knitting), coffee/tea themed (mugs, cups, pots, kettles, beans, teabags), travel (planes, globes, passports, suitcases), Christian (fish, praying hands, Bible, crosses), gardening (flower pots, single roses, wheelbarrows, trees, gardening items), Christmas (huge variety including some really cute snowflakes), dogs, teaching, butterflies and dragonflies, birds (paper crane, hummingbird, swallow), and even more - if you're curious just ask... if I don't have it, I can probably get it!

Have a wonderful week!
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