Monday, January 26, 2015

CHA memories

Just wanted to share a few pictures from this year's Winter CHA show - my time in Anaheim did not go as planned, but I had one fun day on the show floor, and did get to connect with some sweet friends and see some amazing things! The highlight, of course, was seeing my new stamp release 'live' in the Impression Obsession booth - I have more booth pictures, and I'll share them next Thursday when we post the new IO challenge.

Next to my new release, the best part about CHA is connecting with longtime friends and fellow designers that I normally only meet up with online - so sweet to share hugs and know these dear people are real!

(Libby Hickson, Ellen Taylor, Gail Green, Becca Feeken, Tosha Leyendekker)

(Keri Sereika, Lisa Adametz, Tiffany Johnson)

And what CHA post is complete without pictures of the Ranger crew? So nice to meet "the other Dina," Dina Wakley. :)

My husband was brave enough to walk the floor with me in the morning and he naturally loved this booth...

I love meeting up with other artists who are passionate about their favorite products and their art - I spent quite a bit of time with Brigitta at the Pentacolor booth, playing with product and enjoying her demos. Hope to see someone in the States carry these Hungarian paints, mediums and finishes - they were so much fun!

Of course there are beautiful samples to look at - here are a few of my favorites...

I did get to do a make-and-take at the Faber-Castell booth - lots of fun new product there! I'll share my project when I finish it up. New colors of Gelatos are coming, and I loved the Texture Luxe paste too!

Sadly, after a day on the show floor my immune system rebelled, and I ended up with the worst case of strep throat I've ever had or seen in my life... spent the 2nd day in bed, drove home Monday and went straight to the doctor. This is my doctor's office selfie, and the monstrous antibiotics that somehow made their way down my swollen-shut throat.

I'm rebuilding now and definitely on the mend - and though my MegaShow weekend didn't go as planned, I'm so thankful for the beautiful people I was able to connect with, and the fellowship of creative minds that exists in this industry. There were even moments when I caused other people to be starstruck, and I'll never get used to that! So fun. Thanks for sharing these memories with me!

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  1. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of the inside views. So bummed that strep throat had to interrupt your week.

  2. Hey Dina

    Sorry to hear that you are unwell, hope that you are soon back up to speed and feeling really fit!.

    I love seeing your inspiration, it has been a great help over the last couple of months when I have not been feeling top of the world. Your art is inspired!

    May you be blessed above and beyond all you hope for.


  3. Oh, you do look fed up and I don't blame you. I hope you're feeling better. Thanks for posting the show photos - so many lovely things to play with (not least your new stamps). Looking forward to seeing your next project.

  4. Thank you for sharing about your visit. It was fun reading. Minus the big white antibiotic. I took those as a child for ear infections when I was just a dash over five! Ahh...the 70's gotta love it. Hopefully you are feeling much better now! Loved the pics, thank you for taking the time!

  5. Well I'm very glad you had fun the first day... even if the second was not so stellar. I hope you're feeling much better after swallowing that horse pill.

  6. I love looking at peeks of CHA! Living on the East Coast those trips to the West are expensive as a hobby stamper so thanks! It's nice to see fellow "Stars" too! Love your IO stamps in paint brushes & paint tubes! Hope you're on the mend.

  7. Dina,
    Hope you are feeling better and better sister! Thanks for sharing.

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  8. Sorry to hear you had to cut short your winter CHA trip, but glad you are now on the mend. You probably made a wise decision by staying in bed and then heading home.
    The pics from CHA are great and thank you for sharing.

  9. I enjoyed the pictures and narrative of your activities during the CHA gathering. Glad you're feeling better by now.

  10. I enjoyed the pictures and narrative of your activities during the CHA gathering. Glad you're feeling better by now.

  11. I do hope you feel better. Thanks for sharing. Sending you hugs & blessings :)

  12. Hugs and prayers coming your way for a quick recovery!!!! TFS your day at CHA - a FUN time for you!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  13. Bummer about the strep throat! Thanks for the glimpse of your new release!!!!

  14. How exciting to see your stamps at CHA! I'm sure we are suppose to be humble, but so cool that people were star struck by you. You are an amazing artist. Nuff' said. ;) Get well soon! Strep! Eeek! round and round it goes...that sore throat spray, the aneseptic one, has saved me this season. I loose my voice at least once a year. I keep trying to catch stuff and it kills it at the first little itch. ;)