Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Splitcoast Tutorial: Zentangling

This week's tutorial is brought to us by Lydia Fiedler - she's sharing her love and technique for Zentangling! I hope you'll watch her video and catch a glimpse of how relaxing this technique can be.

I have to confess that it actually stresses me out.

It's just not my thing... but I did it for Lydia. I told her I'd much rather spend an hour layering colors than trying to come up with unique black-and-white patterns. In fact I did that on my card after Zentangling, just to calm myself down!

I placed an order with My Favorite Things last month - I'd been meaning to get their cardstock sampler for a while, but had been putting it off. When I saw the die they were offering free with a $60 order in May, I knew my time had come. I love this one! It's such a great size, and a sweet message, and I love the cut-out globe. Beautiful.

Here's my card...

I used the die to deboss my main panel, then set to work outlining, sectioning off, and then doodling in each land area.

I shaded the ocean with Prismacolor pencils.

Whether it's your style or not... we hope you'll give this a try!
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  1. I can appreciate where you are coming from...I have mixed feelings too with zentangle. I'm not good doing zentangle...but I do enjoy the me it can be relaxing.

    But your card knocked my socks off! You rocked the technique!

  2. Oh my gosh, a zentanled world! Quirkily fabulous! I just got this die too - won one of the $75 Release Teaser prizes last month and this came with it - love your zentangling!

  3. I know everyone says it is relaxing...I find it stressful, but only tried it once! May try it again sometime. Yours looks great!

  4. For those of you who find Zentangle® to be stressful, I have a suggestion...Try taking a course and find out what, exactly Zentangle is. There is a specific teaching method that is trademarked. I don't want to ruffle any feathers, but a Zentangle is a noun and tangling is a verb. (I have been tangling all day and I want you to see my Zentangle.) There are specific tangles that make a Zentangle. Doodling is just not the same as tangling. There is nothing wrong with doodling, but it is entirely different than making a Zentangle or Zentangle Inspired Art. If you go to the website:, you will be able to find a CZT near you. It really is a lot of fun and should not be stressful! HTH! 😀
    Barb Burgess, CZT