Friday, February 15, 2013

Just a little life stuff...

I preschedule a lot of my blog posts - I like being able to work ahead on design projects, because there are times when the unpredictable happens, or ministry gets a little more demanding, or my desk gets buried in other projects, or our internet is out for 2 weeks...! So I love the preschedule option, but sometimes spontaneous posts are fun too - posts about life, things that make me laugh, and things that move my heart.

So just for fun... a few little snapshots of life.

Like did you know that I cut my hair off?

I have a strange addiction to poorly translated English, and I seem to have a gift for finding these nuggets when we make our monthly shopping trip in town. Here are some from the last trip.

Who knew that painting by number could be such a moving pastime?

And... not sure why we would need a Bosom Antenna, but here we go:

Lots more of those on my Facebook page...

This last week there was a national media conference held in our city, and as we were going into town it was obvious that the president, who attended the conference, would be going to the airport and we would be passing him along the way. School kids were lining the streets with flags, I was all excited and ready with my camera......... so this is the brilliant picture that I captured of his motorcade:

I missed.

We just finished our 4th and last full week of health class, and we've been talking about some basic first aid... today we drew names for victims and responders in emergency situations, and gave the students a little taste of having to respond quickly with what they knew. Here's a little snippet of what that looked like. I've heard that we remember things more clearly when they are associated with an emotion, so maybe this experience will help make these lessons 'stick'.  

Just guessing that your week looked a lot different from mine!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Yup! My week looked different, but yours looked more interesting. I like your haircut! I kept looking for a picture with your "hair cut OFF"
    :-D but finally realized you meant "shorter." Just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and love seeing all you make and also love hearing about your ministry when you share that too.

  2. Like the new 'do' also liked you week and it was much better then mine...only thing that happened at my house was Hubby fell and broke 2 ribs and insisted he didn't need to go to the dr. After no sleep for 2 days 'mucho' man gave much for our weeks! Bev Lausen

  3. A moment too late.. The story of my life. Like the hair cut!