Saturday, November 12, 2011

Life stuff....

Little bit of life stuff for you today... I think I may have more posts like this in the future - do you mind?

We took a trip to town today, mainly to get new family photo prayer cards printed...

While we were in town, we did a little shopping... I've probably mentioned here that I've been making an effort to manage and pinpoint some food allergies and sensitivities - well in the process of cutting out certain foods and changing my eating habits, over the last year I've lost over 20 lb., and my clothes are literally falling off me. I have never bought clothes here because Asian sizes run quite small, but as it turns out I'm finally able to find clothes that fit here now! So thrilled. These are the jeans I didn't buy because they were $99... but {squeeeee} !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, if you're a Facebook friend you know I have a deep love for "Engrish" (poorly translated English sayings on t-shirts, signs, books, etc.), so I wanted to find a few t-shirts for myself... these are 2 I purchased today that are especially "me".

We ate at Pizza Hut - they actually have a small salad bar now! We resisted the tuna, corn and mayo pizza... *shudder*

Bought a few things for our Thanksgiving dinner, too - we're going to celebrate a little early with our co-workers - I'll be sure to share pictures!

Hope you have a great weekend.......

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Dina, I love your new family photo for your prayer card! You look fabulous, I'm so happy for you losing the weight and tracking down these allergies! Engrish t-shirt lingo - too fun : ) !!

  2. Hi, its lovely to hear your news! well done you for the weight loss, you look fab hun x Leigh x

  3. Dina,
    You and your family look wonderful! And look at those jeans! And doesn't it feel good too!?

    I haven't posted in a while. I was in a serious car accident the end of August. But I have been looking. Always enjoy your posts and art work, Dina. And, yes, hearing about life stuff is just fine with me *smiling*