Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winner, orchid, and other stuff...

Just drew a winner for the pot of Marigold Flower Soft, and her name is.............

Sarah Stainback!

Congratulations, my friend! I still have your mailing address and I will pass it on to the fine people at Flower Soft. Have fun!

My orchid out front is in full bloom now and it looked so pretty yesterday in the late afternoon sun... here are some pictures I wanted to share! I added an update to our family blog yesterday, in case you're interested... a few hours later my husband and oldest son got themselves in a little motorcycle accident. So thankful for the Lord's protection, as things could have been much worse. I'm getting lots of practice at first aid...! Goodness.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. the orchids are so beautiful!!! I have never had any luck with them...
    I'm so glad Russ and Evan are ok, other than scratches and bruises. It could have been much, much, worse.
    We witnessed a motorcycle accident where the motorcyclist crossed the meridian and he hit a car head on. He lived - but had quite a few injuries. God was looking out for your boys!!!

  2. Your orchids are simply beautiful. Hope your husband and son are doing better.