Friday, August 06, 2010

I sewed yesterday!

That statement alone should shock my Mom (Hi, Mom!)... I rarely sew. Except on cards. I can't stand to use a pattern, and I'm rarely patient enough to finish a whole project, especially if something goes wrong. But the night before, I chose to eat donuts before bedtime. I'm hypoglycemic and I cannot eat sugar before bedtime - I literally wake up with a sugar hangover, and can't concentrate to save my life... can anyone else relate to that? So instead of being able to do anything mildly productive, I made a bag.

I had this idea in my head from a conversation with a friend the day before.... we were pricing yardsale items, and these jeans were in the pile... I have memories attached to these jeans, and as I started telling her the story of the bleach spot, I realized - I need to have a reminder of those memories! So out of the pile with the jeans...then she mentioned hearing about someone making a bag out of a pair of jeans......and that was that.

So here is my bag - I didn't make a tutorial, and please don't ask for one... I did refer to this tutorial here, which was very helpful.... and applied a few things I've learned through paper crafting... Though I love how it turned out, it's really not my particular idiom. Isn't it fun, though?!

I had the gingham fabric stashed away - I think I intended to make maternity clothes with it, and my baby is now 4...

OK, so the story of the bleach spot - back in 2005 when we were preparing to move overseas, we had a yardsale. We sold a lot of things that we wouldn't be able to bring with us, or that we could replace when we arrived... lots of our wedding gifts were in that pile, and a lot of other things that I don't remember now... furniture, appliances, clothes, kids' toys and lots of books... anyway, that day Russ had gone on ahead to the place we were having the sale, and I was behind, in a hurry with the kids, and as we were running out the door, a gallon of bleach that was on top of the shoe rack fell, popped open, and splashed on my pant leg. And into my son's eye. Called Poison Control, and had to keep him in the shower for 15 minutes with water running over his face (my son, who hated to bathe...). So these are the pants I wore that day.

Kind of a trophy to God's protection, also a 'standing stone', a monument to God's leading in our lives - giving up 'things' for something eternally more precious.

One funny thing with the bag - I figured out the squared bottom by remembering how we make a 'bagalope' - a gift bag made from a flat envelope. See....... better living through papercrafting.

Have a great weekend!
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  1. kudos for you...great story too...I have to tell you..I am not a great sewer...can muddle through the basics....but I have been in the mood to lately...just want to do it all....why not ?