Thursday, July 08, 2010

beach days and sunburn.

I've been going through my box of colored images little by little... I have a bad habit of starting a new project in the middle of a previous one, and the first project never gets done... Anyway, this House Mouse image finally has a home. I made an easel card, but haven't decided on a saying for the inside - probably better that way, so I can fit it to any occasion when the time comes. I used Derwent watercolor pencils to color this image. We didn't go to the beach for July 4th, just a hotel pool, but I've been nursing a bad sunburn all week... it's been a good while since I wore my bathing suit and the only sunscreen we could find was not meant for white people (*sigh*), so some of those areas that haven't seen the sun for a while are still tender, and just beginning to blister. The bridge of my nose swelled up Tuesday - that was interesting... ...then Wednesday I had swelling all around my eyes. So lovely... I think perhaps my face is back to normal now...

...anyway, that's my week! Thanks for visiting...

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Girl you are one burnt mama! I saw on GMA this morning to take aspirin and you can also add aspirin to a cool bath to help with the swelling and pain!

  2. ouch....ouch...I have been so sunburned I wondered if I was going to live.....
    Your HM card is adorable..I love those guys....

  3. So sorry about your sunburn - I know how uncomfortable that can be. Hope you'll feel better soon. I just love your card- beautiful coloring on that sweet image!

  4. Wow! Dina you are burned alright! I had to laugh about the sun screen. When you have to be hurting you are still managing to entertain and make people smile!!! Hope you are better soon.