Sunday, December 20, 2009

Town stuff

I keep a camera in my purse when we go to town. We braved it twice this last week - once with the kids....and once was enough. It's too hard to keep tabs on 4 little ones, never mind browsing and trying to remain upright with so many people in one place, different sounds coming from every store, and an overplaying of Clay Aiken's Christmas album... Not only everyone from the city is at the mall, but all the people from the mountain and surrounding's an absolute madhouse. But! We made it again on Friday just DH and I, and though it was still crazy we didn't have to defend our kids from pinches and photos, found most of what we needed, and even found some amusing things along the way.
This is the pretty little salad that came with my lunch at an "American" restaurant we decided to try - I think this restaurant was to us as Chinese restaurants in the States are to Chinese people...'pretty much' authentic but with a local twist. Good stuff though!

Oops - didn't get this turned the right way...........but.........a moment of silence, please, for the cop....

This cracked me up.......doesn't that say "Unfabulous"?
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  1. Love it! The poor cop, as well as the unfortunate girl who gets the shirt....

  2. Hey Dina! It's been a little while since I visited. I dig your new look!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

  3. Unfabulous, huh? Love that shirt..too funny!