Friday, September 04, 2009

Life is a dance...

I love this quote...reminds me today to take things in stride, keeping my perspective. This is my 4th day without house help - my helper's brother- or sister-in-law (not sure which, as the word is gender-neutral!) is in the hospital dying of cancer, and she has apparently had to stay closeby...I haven't heard from her since Tuesday and neither have her neighbors. It's a hard and sad situation...and I totally understand...and yet...sure makes the days long and full and tiring to do everything myself...sigh! An update or some kind of communication would be nice. I talked to her neighbor yesterday, who works for my friend - she said she might try to find me a temporary helper, so hopefully something will work out there...

On a happy note, I did figure out what was wrong with my washing machine - for weeks now I have had to run it manually as it had not been switching cycles automatically, and then instead of spinning fully, it would kick back to an 8 minute spin cycle and start filling up again, so I'd have to restart it twice to get the soap all out, then stand over it and watch the timer, and kill it and restart it every time it went back to the 8 minute cycle instead of spinning (3-5 times usually). Yesterday it refused to drain at all. Turns out that the drain hose was twisted so it wasn't letting water out like it was supposed to, and since I untwisted it, it has worked like a charm. Soooooo glad I figured that out on my own - their service techs are not very bright!

Card details: all stamps are from the Dance set by smARTworks, which I designed. I love this one! I watercolored by dipping my waterbrush into drops of Adirondack reinkers mixed with Shimmerz.

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  1. Stunning! I'm sure the picture doesn't do this beauty justice w/the mixture of Shimmerz.