Monday, August 24, 2009


I don't really have anything to share, but I wanted just to ramble for a couple minutes before I go to bed...some random things and maybe some helpful things as well...

1. I put my hair in braids the other night, just for variety...not sure why! They can't make me grow up.....

2. A lady came in with my helper this morning, and just sort of hung around for a little while - I was already teaching my kids, so I just sort of kept teaching. After a little bit she asked me if this was our school. I said yes, and she asked, "Could my child come here too?" I was really amused...especially since it was my house helper that apparently referred her - ! I explained that it was American curriculum in English, and she said, "Oh yes, I'd really like my child to learn English..." I seemed to not be getting through, so I just said, "I'm sorry, no, it just can't be..." (At that point my helper tried to refer her to my co-worker's "school" across the campus, and I said, "No, that's just for her own children too...") I did invite her to bring her kiddo to the program the students do weekly with the local kids - so at least I gave her some hope! Very random though. Still chuckling over it!

3. My new friend Jenny Gropp introduced me to the Bow-Easy, and I finally got one in the mail this last week (thank you Lori!). It has been super fun to play with, and I am loving it! I am so not going to reinvent the wheel...I'm left-handed anyway, so I would probably just totally confuse you doing a tutorial "backwards" - but if you are left-handed and confused by the other tutorials let me know....anyway here are 2 awesome tutorials:

Jerri Kay's Bow-Easy video

Sharon Johnson's photo tutorial

Just a couple things I figured out as I was messing around that really made me excited about this tool - I have always had trouble getting a charm to hang right from a bow, and also sometimes like a button in my bow center. Bingo.......if you watch the tutorial - all I did was add a step after the bow tail tucks through to the other side. Before you bring it back around, you can tuck that tail through a jump ring like this:

...or through 2 button holes like this:Just realized that I don't have these bows on cards yet to show you! Heh heh...anyway, wanted to share my discoveries. I got my Bow-Easy here on ebay ($6, free ship to U.S.).

4. I played volleyball earlier and once again my right knee is bothering me - not sure what I am doing - it doesn't hurt when I play, but last time it started about an hour or so afterwards, that discomfort lasted for about 3 days.

All for now - I should go to bed, I guess...!

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  1. How funny, Dina, about the house helper bringing a potential new student for you to home school!!! Nifty tips for the bow-easy, too. Take it easy with the volleyball... sounds like the knee has some inflamation that needs to heal.

  2. Hi Dina,

    I had to laugh when I read this post, as I just opened my Bow-Easy last night...and it is not so easy at first! I had to scrap the instructions and go to a video tutorial! My friends and I were having a good laugh about this. But...when it did finally work, the bow was great! And great idea about the charm! I had put one on my card last night, but didn't think to do it this way. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your ideas and talent.